Wow I’ve been blogging a year!

My gosh that's gone by quick how have I been blogging a year next week!!! How the hell did that happen......well anyway its been a crazy 2018 of ups and downs, work picking up and starting our you tube channel.

I haven't always been as active as i'd like to be but in the coming months and as we edge closer to 2019 I want to make a proper go of things and build my following both on here and my channel. There are many exciting things to come on of which I am unable to disclose as yet but I promise its coming.....


I started this blogging thing as an outlet really somewhere for me to voice my ramblings but I have written many different things and I must admit I have loved it, be it parent ramblings, days out, product reviews, and many other subjects. I intend to devise a proper plan over the coming months so I have regular posts coming out, some linked in with you tube videos. As myself and Ben have our own media management business we invested in some up to date equipment which meant I got my own Canon G7X which the girls absolutely love especially Megan as she is able to wander off and get her own footage, which daddy lovingly edits for us.

So I know this is only a short post but I would love to know what you guys would love to see on the blog in the  future I am open to anything. Also if there’s anything you’d like us to film for the  you tube channel again we are open to anything.

Things to watch out for are an amazing project I have been privileged to be a part of and an amazing collaboration

Thank you for reading

Kayleigh x