Georgie Turning 6 and New Lockdown

My gosh where have the years gone? I honestly can not believe our little 6lb 1 baby Georgie Bear is turning 6….. It only seems like yesterday when both our girls were babies and now we are about to have a 6 year old! It’s blooming crazy and i’m not really sure I am ready for it…. It makes me feel nostalgic, my babies just aren’t babies anymore, they are now growing into such amazing young ladies.

Anyway enough with the emotional gushing, with yet another lockdown announced 2 weeks ago, we  have had to finish the last of the birthday shopping before all non essential shops closed up again for another 4 weeks. With all the restrictions that are being put back in place this week we have gone with what we did for Megan’s birthday back in July and are running another Zoom Pizza Party, of course the girl’s are super excited about this. Thankfully we have already managed to get the majority of Georgie’s birthday presents, it’s now just wrapping, birthday decorating and getting the cake which we will go and collect on the morning of her birthday whilst the girls are in school, ready for the zoom party in the evening.

It is so heart breaking now that due to the new lockdown restrictions coming in we are unable to have family come into our home for a short period to see little lady on her birthday, back in July when we had Megan’s birthday, the original lockdown had begun to ease which made things a little easier and meant family could come by and pop in to see her. Georgie has been amazing in understanding the situation.

How is everyone else feeling about this new lockdown? I for one am not loving it, indeed lately as a town already we had entered tier 2, meaning we couldn’t have had family in our house for the past couple of weeks, and outside we could only see up to 2 more people, what with us being a family of 4. Looking forward, with all this it now throws Christmas plans in to jeopardy, we love doing all our family visits etc, but we will be able to do them still, for the kids there will not even be a Santa’s grotto this year, it’s like 2o20 came along and thought we will mess with everyone’s lives and create a global pandemic causing complete chaos.

In line with my last few posts I am trying to no longer concentrate on the negatives of the situation and reframing every negative situation into something positive that we can achieve to stop me feeling sad! I feel like I am taking back the power and being the best version of myself I can be, so by reframing I know that we will get through this second lockdown and come out fighting, Georgie will turn 6 next week and have an absolutely fantastic birthday no matter what! Then I can concentrate on putting up the Christmas tree and decorations and making the festive period awesome, no matter what life throws our way. We will come out of 2020 and then head into 2021 still fighting!

To finish off, I am feeling really excited to decorate around the house for Georgie’s birthday, as well as wrapping all her presents ready for her to open before school on the day. My youngest baby is growing up into a strong independent little girl just like her big sister and they both have the bravest, strongest personalities I know, but hey they are our daughters and I am biased. He, He! So as we head into Lockdown version II, I know we can do this, we are strong and we are resilient!

Be Brave, Be Strong, Fight On!


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Kayleigh x