About Us

A Bit About Me

I am Kayleigh, the writer behind Mama to Moomin and Bear, I am Mummy to Megan (Moomin) and Georgie (Bear), Wife to Ben, and Fur Mama to 2 Rats called Everest, and Snowflake. And 2 retired greyhounds Bo and Tiger!

My World

I am first and foremost a Mummy to our beautiful girls, I am also a Co-Director of mine and Ben’s media business Moogies Media and I am part of a business networking group which I also run the blog page for. And I do many other bits behind the scenes.

Why I Started Blogging……

After thinking about it for years and just not making a go of it, I made the decision back in November 2017 to bite the bullet so to speak and set up this blog. Originally I set up just for myself to have an outlet to ramble about things such as parenting and lifestyle and what ever else I felt passionate to write. Fast forward 14 months and I am now blogging not just for myself but I have been covering the occasional product review and now I am networking and I am slowly but surely growing which is amazing. And last year I also started a YouTube channel which I am also attempting to build. I love writing and making my passion a business has been amazing. I am also now a published writer in our Business Networking Newsletter.

Megan and Georgie

Megan who is our first little miracle, born in 2012, she was born at 36 weeks and 5 days at a tiny but healthy 4lb 11oz and she’s been through a lot in the first years of her life which you can read about. She loves school and is a huge animal lover. And if the cameras out she’s never far away because she loves having pics taken… Georgie our second little miracle, she was born at 37 weeks bang on at 6lb 1oz and healthy in 2014. They both love the camera but I couldn’t have 2 girls completely the same….Their personalities are so different, Megan is very sociable and happy to talk the hind legs off a donkey to anyone she meets. Georgie is very laid back and reserved and often takes a while to warm up but she’s coming out of her shell slowly but surely.

Working Together

Collaborate with us, we love to work with small businesses/charities etc…… to get them seen more and help us to build our brand. We are happy to take on any kind of collabs from Business to Parenting/Lifestyle. What ever you need we are happy to cooperate and see how we can work along side each other.