New thing’s are coming…….

I'm back and ready to make a shift on things........ In recent weeks there's been a lot going on behind the scenes of the M2M&B household which in itself is very exciting.......Many more reviews coming personal and business, so watch this space.

So many new things coming my way with regards to my blogging and vlogging, and I can't wait to share it all with you.


I will admit after chatting to an amazing blogging mama friend of mine recently I should not be afraid to admit to you guys that blogging hasn’t come so easy in recent months, if I’m truly honest I fell out of love with writing and really wasn’t completely sure I wanted to continue my blogger/vlogger journey……..But I have realised it is something I enjoy doing and with all the new things on the horizon, from taking on new clients to working more along side hubby with our media company I will continue and pick myself back up from the slump I’ve been in.

So behind the scenes I have been continuing my Revital U journey so there will be another update blog post coming on that soon as well as a video. I have also been working with hubby alongside some amazing businesswomen, all to be revealed in September I promise…….. I have also been trying to plan some content so in September once both our babies are in full time school I can it the ground running all over the place, so my intention is to get some posts drafted and release over the coming weeks and months. Fingers crossed I can get myself together and get organised, do bare with me.

To finish, I just thought I would say we have 2 weeks left of the summer holidays and we have managed to pack so much in to the last 4 weeks, be it trips to the shops, sleepovers at nanny and grandad’s for the girls, a flower show, work events, cinema trips and beach trips. The girls have loved it all……..In the last 2 weeks of the hols we plan to cram in another beach trip this time with Nanny and Grandad too, also another Cinema trip which is exciting and some back to school shopping for some essentials…… well as fitting in a few work bits around our gorgeous girls. Still finding it difficult to take in that our little Georgie Bear is heading off to big school in 2 weeks time to start her journey in reception class. Lots of parents in the same boat I know, just hard knowing shes my last baby and shes not a baby anymore she’ll be 5 in November and it seems to have whizzed by.

Well lovelies I shall cut it here and hope you enjoy, thank you so much for your continued support its invaluable to us.

Kayleigh x