Wow I love it-Revital U Update

A little update for you all on my Revital U Journey, so I have been taking the Smart Caps now for 16 days and thought it was time for a short update on how to let you guys know how I am getting on. This all my own words and my honest feedback on my 3 month journey. So 16 days in and I can honestly say I am absolutely loving them, I did have to take a short 2 day break off them due to illness which didn't help and I definitely noticed a massive significant difference between not taking them daily and taking them.

In only 2 days off I lost all my energy, and slept loads, I was just completely exhausted…..I know some of this was down to having a migraine attack which takes it out of me anyway but it felt 10 times worse not being able to take the smart capsules.

I am now back to good health and taking them daily which is making me feeling good, I have so much energy during the day and that is what I need. I find it helps me get things done, and it stops me snacking loads throughout the day which is major bonus as I am normally a huge binge eater and love my snacks, but since just before starting the Smart Caps trial I found myself becoming healthier. Reaching for fruit rather than sweet snacks, and its helped even more so now I am adding in the caps they are fantastic and its not often I would say this about a product. But this is one I totally believe in and its helping me to gradually lose weight.

I am truly excited for what the next 10 weeks can possibly bring to my life and I am excited to keep you all up to date with my journey with blog posts and videos. I really hope you are all enjoying reading about my Revital U 3 month journey. I’m certainly enjoying writing my little updates etc.

When I began this journey I weighed myself and took pictures, and although I am not quite seeing it I have actually lost weight, its said that taking these along side a healthy balanced diet and some exercise you can lose approximately 1lb a week. I started 16 days ago and weighed in at 11st 6 and a half. This week I stepped on the scales and I now weigh 11st 3 and a quarter which is amazing, I also feel like I have lost inches as some of my clothes are getting looser which is fantastic. I feel more energy in a morning and feel like I can run around with my girls more without feeling tired which is fabulous. I have taken pics again this time because I know eventually I will start seeing a difference.

I will be filming an update video for my YouTube channel next week to go along with this blog post, who knows by the time I film it I may have lost more weight which would be amazing.

Thank you for reading and following my journey.

Kayleigh x