Feeling BLAH……

I really have felt BLAH lately, I have been suffering with really bad anxiety attacks and not felt in the correct mindset to write other than meeting my deadlines I've had. I am in the process of pulling myself out of this funk and getting myself back on track, so I felt that writing this would be a good place to start as I always like to be open and honest with you all.

Things haven't been fantastic and I know I have been an absolute nightmare to live with lately......my hubby must be fed up of the mood swings!

I want to get myself in to a positive mindset and get back on it and into my writing again because I miss it and I have lots of exciting things in the pipeline for MamatoMoominandBear and there’s many exciting new things coming. I am back on my healthy journey, still taking my Revital U Smart Caps,but I am now getting off my backside and incorporating more exercise into my routine. Recently we have invested in a new blender in an attempt to get more exciting fruits and veggies into not just our diets but the girls as well, so far we are loving it…….I truly get excited about my morning smoothie now and its ingrained into my daily routine now, if I have time its the last thing I do at night, or the first thing I do in a morning.

I must be completely honest all this change in my routine is really helping me, I feel so much better in my self, although I do dread stopping my smart caps trial because they have really helped in many aspects of my life, I have found myself suffering less migraines since starting them, I have more clarity and feel more awake and alert throughout the day, and now I am beginning to exercise a little more starting with a 10 day challenge of exercises of 20 minutes or so a day. I am also walking more, starting to head out more with my lovely friend on short walks.

My mental health has been a mess over the past month or so, but I have made a promise to myself to get back into it, try some new techniques to keep my anxieties at bay, and I plan to restart my evening mediation which helped me before. So I will be coming back strong guys and for someone who has never been a huge fan of exercise I am the first to admit I am shocked by my new found love of my 20 minutes a day excercise and I am aiming big, I want to lose at least another dress size maybe 2 and I am aiming high for 2020. Think I have waffled on enough for now.

Thank you for reading

Kayleigh x