I lost my mojo

Well it's been a while for that I do apologise, I completely lost my motivation.......... My get up and go just got up and went! So this evening I sat down and decided I need to regain my confidence and start writing again. So I'll apologise now if this post is a little boring and I drone on a bit but I need to get started again somewhere right? So anyone else think January seriously dragged on, I know I do..........

Where to start,well the end of last year I made a list.....not of resolutions as I don't stick to them,I made goals for myself and for the family as there's so much we all want to accomplish. So far I have kept to one goal, I promised myself after a conversation over Christmas I would start 2018 by booking my theory test because I turn 33 this year and I've been putting it off since I was 17. So this is my year.

I want to pass my theory which is booked for March so I have plenty of revision cramming time before I take it,just hope I can pass first time. Then I can get back into driving lessons, so the plan is I want to try and pass my test by July which is my birthday (wish me luck)

Another thing I promised myself was I’d start exercising more and lose the 2.5st I wish to lose, well other than school runs which are about 15minute walks there and same back I have seriously lost my mojo. I have changed my diet a little and I do operate a portion control system now and try not to snack on rubbish. I use my Samsung health app on my phone to count my steps,track my calories and weight loss/gains. But as we are now into February I have decided I need to push on with a new way of thinking because I really need to get my mojo back and do all the things I wrote down to achieve starting with writing more blog posts as I had promised myself I would stick to 2 posts a week which hasn’t happened. So maybe I will start by doing one a week again for a while and get this blog moving to where I want it so if there’s anything you’d like to see then please feel free to let me know.

So February I have booked to have my hair cut as it’s me time……we have lots of other things on starting with a London trip but more on that in another post if I feel I can write about it. The girls have lots on at school/nursery over the next few weeks and going into March and at the end of February we have our first festival of the year,an indoor festival called kids fest celebrating 50years of our town which we can’t wait for and the girls are super duper excited. I am thinking I might vlog and blog about that weekend, is that something you’d like to see? I need to get myself in a position where I can use all features on our camera so I can make this blog fabulous. I have so many ideas I just need to implement them, I do have some more reviews coming in the future but just to clarify I will not be paid for these they are for companies I love and feel I want to help promote.

So I have no pics to go in this one and it is a little short and sweet but I have some ideas for future posts and ones I really want to write when I am in the correct headspace to write them,but I promise you they will come because I want to be real with you guys and document our families memories for future reference for our babies.

I hope you all still stick with me on my blogging journey and maybe vlogging in the future months when I’ve enough confidence to put myself in front of the camera more.

Thank you for reading

Until the next one.

Kayleigh x