Half term-what a crappie one!!

Well half term started out so well we had so many plans to do different activities to keep the the girls occupied then we had such a big weekend planned.

So at the beginning of the week daddy was working so we headed out to see great nanny and have a chilled out day to start. The girls loved it……..they always love going to see great nanny and having some fun there. Tuesday we had all 3kiddos and went off for a walk and swimming. Georgie wasn’t so convinced to start with but then we couldn’t get her out….🤣 typical! Megan made us so proud doing so well practicing her swimming. We had a lovely day out and Megan then went off with daddy the same evening for our monthly free meal. So all was going so well…….

So Wednesday was another trip up to see great nanny as shes not been well so we went to get lunch for her and do a few bits and bobs which the girls enjoyed. That was meant to be our last trip to nannies until Friday because we had plans to head out to a national trust place on Thursday and we received some happy post from the lovely @featherstar_apparel some gorgeous tops which megan was extremely chuffed with (review on these to come very soon) ,but our big plans went to pot so daddy took the girls off to subway for lunch.

We then headed off to the local retail park and did some shopping and went to see the animals in the pet shop which the girls always love………

We were getting closer to the weekend of fun,or so we thought. Daddy headed off early Friday morning to help set up for the weekends festival. The girls woke ready for a morning at great nannies and and afternoons park fun and shopping. But that’s where the fun ended, megan woke with a few spots in various places 🙈🙈😲🤒 and a temperature but as she’d had chicken pox before I was unsure so I contacted our doctors. We managed to get in later that day, Megans temp was over 38 and she had more spots but the GP couldn’t confirm whether it was viral or if it was indeed pox.

All Megan was concerned with was if she’d be able to go out to kids fest, but we decided against it on the saturday,cue a very devastated to little ladies but it couldn’t be helped. Luckily by Sunday she was already scabbing over so we managed a few hours out.

They absolutely loved it and we finished our day with a lovely tea. Sadly Megan went down hill again on Monday. So no school till shes fully better bless her,it’s really got her good this time so it’s been piriton,calamine lotion,moisturizer and Calpol along with lots and lots of cuddles and treats. Just hoping Georgie might get it now so we can get it out of the way but we shall see…….

[wpvideo PUz5tjPd]

The weather’s due to hit quite badly this week too so a few more days won’t hurt and who knows I may end up with both babies at home if the weather gets that bad.

Apologies for my rough look but taking advantage of letting my skin breath whilst we are stuck in the house and daddy takes little bear back and fourth to nursery.

Thank you for taking the time to read this one,sorry it’s not very exciting but i do have a few more coming up in my drafts I just need to finish them. One being that lovely featherstar apparel review find them on Instagram @featherstar_apparel.

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Until next time.

Kayleigh x