So it’s World Mental Health Day

I feel drawn to write this one in aid of world mental health day because for the past 15 or so years my mental health hasn't been it's best. Lots of things have happened in my life to spiral my mental health out of control. Whether it's been loss or heartbreak or just generally feeling completely MEH..... Until around 9/10 years ago I had a handle on it all without the aid of medication.

But I when I was working in a nursery setting 10years ago my mental health took a turn for the worse. Baring in mind this was not down to the children not one bit they were fantastic and to this day I still miss the kids I looked after. But I found myself in a slump and because of that I suffered depression so severely that I found myself on the sick and having to attend the doctors to seek medication and CBT. I really struggled for 12months and just couldn’t see an end to it all. So much so I was getting drunk, smoking not wanting to see people and I couldn’t Invision myself going back to the job I originally loved so much.

The medication helped lift my mood and talking to someone really was the best thing I could have done for me. I ended up giving up my job and going to work with hubby there started my journey to being self employed. I’ve never properly worked for anyone else since.

I took medication for a long time but managed to get weaned off it so to speak to the point I now control my own mental health without meds or at least I do try. I have the odd times when I feel extremely low and wonder if I need to seek medical assistance again but so far I am doing alright.

The girls coming along really helped with that. The chance to be a mum was nothing short of a miracle for me. And I wouldn’t do anything to change that they are my world.

Without these gorgeous girls this mamas mental health may have been worse.

I do still suffer the odd bouts of depression and I suffer with anxiety a lot and sometimes I would rather stay in bed than adult but I have to for the girls and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Let’s squash the mental health taboo one day at time.

#worldmentalhealthday #mentalhealthawareness

Kayleigh x