Life and its ups and downs

Apologies I haven’t updated for a bit, things have gone a little crazy over here……We’ve all been poorly at various times during January and I had my hospital appointment so its been a little mad. During Jan things have really hit the ground the running, lots of new work coming in for our media business which is fantastic. There’s also so much due from my blog in the future months, I am in the processes of looking at having my own self hosted website built for the blog so I can build my DA score, which will in turn help me gain work from doing what I love.

Although life is on the up and there’s so much to look forward to on the horizon, we’ve also had some downs recently. We sadly lost our beloved Fifi recently which has left a huge hole and we are truly heartbroken by her loss. We can never replace her as there was only one fifi but she’s left a dog shaped hole and the house feels so empty without her. With all the new work coming in I always felt comfort knowing I had fifi at home with me and the girls when hubby is working on location so I need that comfort and security back eventually.

We recently headed to London for my hospital appointment and the results are surgery later this year, but its all good because once its done and I am fully recovered, fingers crossed I will not need any more surgery. But as its a major procedure it will mean 10 days in London for me which is scary and I will miss my babies, I know its all for the best. And it will mean I have a better quality of life for the future, and fingers crossed be the end of my surgery days completely.

I am totally back on my health and fitness I really want to shift the last of this weight I hate, before I head for my op when ever that will be! I want to be in the best shape and health I can be before I have surgery. Myself and Ben are also heading for a gifted night away during the next few months which is exciting and I would like a new outfit for that so I feel good and happy in myself. I will keep working and striving to feel better in myself, and that comes with my new love of exercise and continued work with my online fitness coach on virtual boot camps.

So I think that’s it really, think I have probably droned on quite enough…..Going to try and plan out some content so I can get some more blog posts out in coming weeks, I do have something exciting coming soon with a small business product review but more about that in the next post.

Thank you for your continued support and for reading

Kayleigh x