I’m Back Finally…

Hi there, its been a while….. but I am finally back! I haven’t written anything since January for a few reasons, the major one being my laptop broke down and I hadn’t been able to replace it till now, I have a computer so can write again…The other reason behind my absence is because until last month like a lot of the country I was thrust into home schooling again due to lockdown, which made things harder as I was always tired in an evening after helping the girls do their school work during the day. We’re now back to routine of school which is great, the girls definitely needed to get back to it and I needed the break.

As I write this we are almost at the end of the first week of the Easter holidays and we’ve had so much fun including getting out and walking, other activities have been movie time and enjoying doing activities at home. It feels nice that restrictions have begun easing a little because we have been able to do a little more. We renewed our National Trust membership just before the Easter holiday so we’ve been able to head out to a few places with lovely walks to discover, which of course the kids have really ¬†enjoyed. We are also currently training for a charity challenge, my hubby’s networking group are doing a safe socially distanced event for Hope House in May, they will be climbing our local landmark The Wrekin 78 times between the group, as its happening on a weekend myself and the kids are joining in too. Although our climbs will not count towards the final total, I am designated photographer for the day so I am trying to train myself into getting up there at least 5 times if I can. I am actually looking forward to it because although its a hard slog its also a lovely climb and well worth it once you reach the top. Its also super amazing for the mind and keeps us healthy….

I am actually loving being a lot healthier, its been good for me and great for the girls to see mummy doing something to gain strength, since February I have been trying to do home workouts 5 times a week as well as walking as much as we can. I have had a few short breaks due to migraine attacks and common cold but with the girls being off and it being Easter, I have to admit, I may have indulged in a little too much chocolate, however I will not punish myself for because I am happy, I just want to be healthier and fitter. If that means I lose some weight along the way then great stuff. I do intend to be in the best health and shape I can be for my up and coming surgery, which sadly due to the lockdown was again cancelled in March so I am now waiting for things to begin moving again and hoping for a new date soon. I will just continue to do all I can to stay safe in this pandemic and be as healthy as I can!

I think I have wrote enough for my first blog back, its only been a short one but it is great to be back! I am preparing to write an update on my psoriasis journey soon because I have been back to the dermatology clinic and there have been new developments there, but more coming soon. I thought with having the break I would come back with so much to say, but well lockdown/global pandemic/home-schooling means its not really been an eventful time of late! With us slowly coming out of the lockdown stage by stage hopefully for good I’m hoping I’ll have more exciting things to talk about.

Thank you for sticking around and supporting me, although I haven’t written so much this time it does feel good to be back writing again.


Thank you for reading, see you in the next post.

Kayleigh x