Georgie’s school applicationšŸ˜­

How is it that time again?

Only seems like 5minutes ago we were applying for Megan's school place. How can it be that time again now for Georgie? Totally not ready for it, she's still my baby. How can it be that this time next year she'll be heading on to a new adventure of school.......

This term we have changed her days at preschool so she now does 2full days and loves it instead of the 5 days of 3hr sessions she’s done which she had done since she turned 2 and started nursery. She is loving the fact she gets to have lunch in the school hall like all the bigger kids.

I must admit I am very anxious as I was with Megan about whether Georgie will get in to the 1st choice school and how she will cope jumping from doing 2full days at nursery to doing 5. Being our last baby this is the final time we will do the whole going to big school thing. Next will be Megans secondary school choices which will be upon us before we know it.

It’s all a little overwhelming to be quite honest but for our girls I push through my anxieties because I know we are raising strong, brave young ladies and they will do amazing no matter what they set there mind too.

Going to nursery worked wonders for Megan and it’s done the same so far for Georgie and I am sure it will continue to do so,she’s a little star and surprises us with the courage on a daily basis.

Ok so this was just a short one, continue to flourish my babies, mummy and daddy are so proud of you both.

Thank you for reading

Kayleigh x