I went networking & actually spoke 🙊🙈

Well that was a whole new experience for me but I must say being pushed completely out of my comfort zone and into a totally new environment was somewhat liberating.  

So Ben has always done networking in dribs and drabs in the whole 12 years I have known him and it doesn’t faze him in the slightest.  I have been with him a few times in the early days but I hardly ever got involved, my anxiety hits a high and I just lose all confidence  in myself which is hard.

But on Tuesday morning not totally bright eyed and bushy tailed but with my game face on and a statement red lippy I headed to a Networking brunch with Ben called Yoo2be. One I have never been to before,but with both girls at school I thought why not…….I need to do this for me, so I put on my big girl pants so to speak and off we went. Now the whole way there and actually even before we left home I was adamant and kept telling Ben there was no way I was getting up to do the 60  seconds intro round because my anxiety was high and I did not want to talk to anyone. To be quite honest I felt physically sick, and was trying all I could not to go in at all.

Fast forward half an hour and we arrived at the most gorgeous golf and country club, we were the first ones there, which helped calm the nerves and ease the feelings of anxiety and sickness. But sure enough people began arriving, some of which I knew which made it easier to approach and chat, but I was still by this time adamant there was absolutely no way I was doing the 60 seconds…….More arrived and I managed to string sentences together that actually made some sense…… 😥😳 Yay my positive mindset kicked in and I kept telling myself I can do this I am a strong independent lady and I don’t need to hide in hubby’s shadow, I can be confident.

Sandwiches,chips and drinks all provided, we all settled for the meeting and the Chamomile tea was really helpful in calming my nerves. Looking round the room I soon came to the realisation I was the only female in a room of 10 business men, and there was little old me with my little written out script with help from Ben……..I still wasn’t sure I could do it, I felt sick and I’d never gotten up and spoken before,because the other networking group we attend together I have refused to get up at all. Anyway they went round the room, all telling the group a little about who they were and about there business, when it finally came to me…………..🙈😳. But I took a huge breath in and out and I stood up, legs wobbly, stomach doing somersaults and my anxiety looming over me. But the words came and I managed to divert a little off script and get through my 60 seconds, and I could not be more pleased with myself. If last week you’d told me at just a week later I would get up in a room full of established businessmen and told them about me and my little blog and you tube channel and also managed to gain some work for next year on a workshop then I’d have laughed at you and said you were mad.

I was commended on how well I did with it being my first time, I am excited to go back in a fortnights time. I have come to the conclusion that the more I do it and the more I try the better I will get and the better I will feel. You’ll only know if you can push through your anxieties by doing and from now on that’s how I want to approach new and scary situations.

 Thank you so much for reading                  

Kayleigh x